READER PICTURE: Inflatable animals at Skegness ‘watering hole’

Animals regularly take the spotlight in our weekly Reader Picture feature – we have had dogs, birds and seals to name a few.
This week's Reader Picture.This week's Reader Picture.
This week's Reader Picture.

However, we do not remember any flamingoes, unicorns or dragons.

This week’s Reader Picture shows Skegness’ Keeta Disney (second from left) celebrating her 60th birthday in style.

Keen to do something different to mark the occasion, she requested that all of her friends dress up in inflatable costumes.

A few of them are pictured with her here at Wellies Bar, in Grand Parade.

“Keeta is well-known to all, and has a heart of gold,” said friend Wendy Westray. “She would do anything to help anyone.”

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