Red phone boxes are looking for new calling

Three red phone boxes in the Spilsby area could be in for a new calling now BT is offering them to communities.

One of the telephone boxes up for adoption in Spilsby.

The need for telephone boxes has been overtaken by the use of mobile phones and 16 in East Lindsey are being offered for adoption for just £1.

So far 4,000 of the street boxes across the UK are already getting a new lease of life, including being transformed into mini museums or art galleries.

One in Burgh-le-Marsh is being used as a book exchange and others are saving lives by housing defibrillators.

James Browne of BT said: "With most people now using mobile phones, it's led to a huge drop in the number of calls made from payphones.

"At the same time, mobile coverage has improved significantly in recent years due to investment in masts, particularly in rural areas.

"We're currently rationalising our payphone estate to make it fit for the future, and the Adopt a Kiosk scheme makes it possible for local communities across the UK to retain their local phone box with a refreshed purpose for the community."

The boxes in Spilsby are in Market Place and The Terrace and there is another in the area near The Stores, Old Bolingbroke.

Anyone interested in the offer should visit 'Adopt a Kiosk: how it works' on