‘Remarkable Achievements’ for Theddlethorpe's Year 6 Pupils

Departing year six pupils have been celebrating outstanding SATs results in which the youngsters out-performed the expected national standard by nine percent.

Theddlethorpe Academy year 6 leavers ceremony.
20th July 2022
Photo by Jon Corken
Theddlethorpe Academy year 6 leavers ceremony. 20th July 2022 Photo by Jon Corken

Theddlethorpe Academy year six pupils have celebrated an outstanding performance in their SATs test Maths results, with 80 percent of pupils meeting the expected standard in Maths, with the national standard being 71 percent.

The news was announced to parents, carers, family and friends during the Academy’s year six Leavers’ Awards Ceremony - the first time the event has been held for three years due to the pandemic.

Academy Principal, Susan Cook, said the achievements of the pupils across all the SATs tests were all the more remarkable because Covid pandemic disruption had led to 116 days of missed schooling in years four and five for these children.

Mrs Cook said the children had achieved really well, despite two years of “exceptional challenges”, and had demonstrated that there are “no barriers to what they can achieve in life.”

“We are so very, very proud of you, and you have all shown that nothing can stop you if you have confidence and self-belief and are true to yourself,” she said.

The awards ceremony included songs and photographs depicting the pupils’ journey through the Academy, and showed just how much they have grown (not just in size) but in confidence, ability and aspiration.

Year six teacher, Mrs Natasha Bull, told the children that they had risen to every challenge set for them and had “truly flourished” during their final year.

“You set yourself goals and you succeeded in all of them, and I know you are ready now to go on to your next life chapter with confidence,” she said.

Mrs Cook and Mrs Bull handed out 15 trophies to pupils for success in a range of categories, including Progress, Achievement, Sports, Creative Arts and Overall Contribution to the Academy. Some of the awards were voted for by their classmates, others were determined by academic progress, and by SATs results.

The ‘Overall Contribution to The Academy’ award went to Jack Drew, for his “positivity and demeanour around the Academy.”

Jack said afterwards of his award: “When I first came here I was a bit anxious, but everyone at the Academy helped me to get over that very quickly.

"Since I have been here my reading, writing and spelling have really improved and I have made some good friends. I am so proud to have won this award and I am going to miss Theddlethorpe Academy very much.”

Mrs Cook wished all of the pupils good luck for their futures, and the pupils sang along to the aptly titled “One More Step” as they celebrated their achievements by showing off their trophies to family and friends in the packed school hall.

The full list of awards winners is:

Creative Arts: Faizer Blurton.

Most Improved Behaviour: Izzy Alan.

Science Investigator: Drew Barker.

Excellence in Computing: Louis Taylor.

Most Improved Attitude to Learning: Sophie Gill.

Modern Language: Elliott Hyatt.

Excellence in Sports: Aston Winters.

Excellence in Music: Harrison Mudie.

Best Progress In Reading: Crystal Deans.

Best Progress in Writing: Maddison Walton.

Best Progress in Maths: Danny Parkin.

Best Result in Reading: Tommy Fisher.

Best Result in Writing: Isla Hallam.

Best Result in Maths: Maddie Price.

Overall Contribution to the Academy: Jack Drew.