Results are in from Lincolnshire Police seatbelt campaign

During the first 11 days of July, Lincolnshire Police took part in a national seatbelt campaign.

The message from Lincolnshire Police is simple - wear a seltbelt. EMN-200723-121504001

The aim of the campaign was to show why it’s so vitally important that people wear a seatbelt when in a vehicle.

Wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of serious injuries or death.

During the two week campaign 27 seatbelt tickets were issued.

The breakdown is as follows:

• Out of the 27 tickets issues, 24 were given to men and 3 to women. Of those, 20 were issued for drivers failing to wear their seatbelts, 5 to passengers and 2 to drivers for children not being restrained.

• The ages of people given tickets were - 10 given to people in their 20s (7 men and 3 women), 4 in their 30s, 7 in their 50s, 2 in the 60s and 1 who was in their 70s.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “We enforce seatbelt legislation all year round.

“Our officers targeted drivers across the county from July 1-July 11, joining in with colleagues across the country to raise the importance of wearing seatbelts.

“The purpose of a seatbelt is to keep people in place during an impact. Seatbelts are designed to work with a vehicle’s safety system if there is one and this includes air bags.

“When someone is unrestrained in a vehicle this places all occupants who are also in the vehicle in real danger.

“Anyone not restrained will carry on travelling if a vehicle comes to a sudden stop causing injuries to others as they move and often leave the vehicle.

“Seatbelts literally save lives and reduce the risk of death or serious injury. Some insurance companies may decline to cover if involved in an RTC and not wearing a seat belt.”