REVIEW: Perfect Pitch pitches audiences a perfect comedy!

Perfect Pitch by Horncastle Theatre Company.Perfect Pitch by Horncastle Theatre Company.
Perfect Pitch by Horncastle Theatre Company.
​REVIEW: Plays with small casts are always tricky to pull off as it relies on the few actors being strong enough to carry the play – but the four members of Horncastle Theatre Company pitch this one perfectly.

​Perfect Pitch sees prematurely retired headteacher Ron and his wife, would-be marathoner Yvonne (played by real-life husband and wife Chris and Gail Hinkins), on their first caravan holiday in Yorkshire.

Before long, their peace and quiet is shattered by the noisy – and ‘loudly amorous’ – arrival of Steph (Natasha Lowes) and the unpleasant Grant (Dan Barrett), a slightly more ‘working class’ couple who are on a camping holiday of their own.

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Before long the couples are clashing in all manner of ways, with hilarious results.

Gail and Chris are fantastic and bring plenty of humour as a resentful couple who are starting to grate on each other’s nerves while tackling the relatable struggles of camping, from the unpleasant showers to trying to erect the awning without instructions.

Natasha is brilliant as our “tart with a heart” Steph who starts to lead Yvonne astray, much to Ron’s annoyance, while Dan portrays Grant as much more than merely gormless and living up to his nickname ‘Grant the Grunt’, that’ll make the audience want to swing for him before the end of the play.

While Perfect Pitch isn’t for younger theatre goers due to some ‘blue’ language and risque moments, Horncastle Theatre Company have ‘pitched’ us another fantastic show carried by a hugely talented cast who’ve done a great job with a wordy script which will have audiences smiling and nodding at the relatable humour and laughing out loud in their ice creams.

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A huge shout out must go to Stuart Saunders and Alex, Gareth, and Russell Alder for putting together such a brilliant set with a very realistic-looking caravan.

Perfect Pitch opens on Wednesday (April 10) and runs until Saturday April 13. Tickets are available at