'Roar-some' new dinosaur attraction to open near Boston

A visitor attraction near Boston has announced a ‘roar-some’ new attraction.

Jurassic Ark is about to open at a visitor attraction near Boston.
Jurassic Ark is about to open at a visitor attraction near Boston.

Jurassic Ark at Ark wildlife park, in Stickney, will transport visitors to the time of the dinosaurs through life-like models and animatronics.

Once open, it will be Lincolnshire’s largest dinosaur-themed attraction, the Ark says.

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Visitors will be able to come face to face with the likes of tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, and dilophosaurus; take their photo as they pop their heads out of a hatching dinosaur egg; and (during peak times) meet Baby Blue, a hatchling velociraptor.

Younger ones will be able to play palaeontologist and unearth a dinosaur. They will also have the chance to claim a free enamel dinosaur pin by tracking down stamps.

Jurassic Ark will open this Saturday, May 28.It is just one of the developments currently taking place at the site.

Shortly, the Ark will welcome a group of barbary macaques, a large primate species originating from Africa. These animals arrive as illegally held pets, with one having been chained in a garage in Spain.Later this summer, it is also due to take in two caracals, a species of African wildcat, again, are seizures from the exotic pet trade.

Founder Jamie Mintram said it has been an ‘incredibly busy time’.

"This is the biggest expansion since we opened, with multiple rescue projects running at the same time as the new dino attraction to broaden our appeal to families, and we're not done yet with another first for Lincolnshire in development as we plan a nocturnal house for a group of rescued kinkajous that we hope to have open later this year," he said