RSPCA fears more neglect

Nearly 90 percent of RSPCA officers are concerned that more animals will be neglected this winter, a new survey has revealed, and Lincolnshire is set to see the regional figure rise as well.

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-211229-094711001

The animal welfare charity carried out polling of its frontline rescue teams, which revealed that 87 percent of frontline officers polled are worried there will be more neglect this winter as people have bought pets on impulse and don’t know how to care for them properly, or can’t afford them.

In Lincolnshire, there were 292 reports of animals being neglected last winter - including 104 reports in December.

Dermot Murphy, chief inspectorate officer, said: “The RSPCA rescue teams are out 365 days a year in all weathers saving neglected and abandoned animals. This year we are concerned that the rise in pet ownership could mean some have taken on pets on impulse which may lead to more people abandoning or neglecting their animals.

“We will be out there every day this Christmas for the animals who need us most, bringing them to safety, but we can’t do it alone. We rely entirely on donations to keep our rescue teams on the road.”

Last year, the charity received one call every minute last December, with one report of an abandoned animal every hour and took 70 rescue animals into RSPCA care every day.

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