School in Skegness celebrates 'Everyday Heroes'

A school in Skegness has been celebrating 'Everyday Heroes'.

Pupils at the Richmond School in Skegness dressed up as 'Everyday Heroes'.

Pupils at the Richmond School were invited to dress up as the local hero who inspired them most - such as doctors, nurses, police men and women, firemen.

Joanne Hazard, of the Richmond School said: "The children in Year One had a great day celebrating and learning about ‘Everyday Heroes’.

"One of the children taught the whole class all about her mummy’s special job as a nurse.

'Everyday Heroes' at the Richmond School in Skegness.

"This particular mummy had sent us a picture that a patient had handed to the staff at her place of work.

"We had a look at the picture together and the children had a lovely insight into the meaning behind it.

"One child said ‘even superheroes are thankful to doctors and nurses’ and another said ‘that’s because even superheroes can’t do jobs like doctors and nurses’".

Pupils said even superheroes couldn't do what doctors and nurses do.