Sensor taps and infrared flushes for Gainsborough's public toilets

New infection control measures, including the fitting of sensor taps and toilet flushes, are heading to the public toilets in Gainsborough.

Sensor taps and toilet flushes will be installed in public toilets
Sensor taps and toilet flushes will be installed in public toilets

The new adaptations, which are expected to cost more than £16,000, will be implemented by the end of the year.

West Lindsey District Council was awarded a share of the Reopening High Street Safely (RHSS)/Welcome Back Fund (WBF) scheme via the UK Government and the European Regional Development Fund, to help boost the look and feel of high streets.

The council has been looking at ways it can make improvements to the design of its public toilets, following the Covid-19 pandemic, that reduce the risk of spreading the virus if there is another outbreak.

Coun John McNeill, vice-chairman or the prosperous communities committee, welcomed the news, explaining that the Covid-19 pandemic had brought the issue of tackling hygiene to the fore

Coun McNeill said: “The upgrades to the public conveniences are very much-needed.

"Not only will it boost public confidence in the cleanliness of using public facilities but it will also help improve hygiene by minimising the amount of exposure to potentially infected surfaces. The taps also have an automatic shut off so should be able to save water.

“As we learn to live with Covid-19 in our communities, it is equally important that where possible we adapt our facilities and the more non-touch facilities we have for our customers to use, the better.”