Skegness lifeboats come to aid of yacht in distress south of resort

Volunteer RNLI Lifeboat crew have successfully assisted a crewman on a yacht in distress, approximately eight miles south off Skegness.
Helmet camera photo from crew member onboard all-weather lifeboatHelmet camera photo from crew member onboard all-weather lifeboat
Helmet camera photo from crew member onboard all-weather lifeboat

At around 4.06pm on Monday, a PAN-PAN was heard by Humber Coastguard from a vessel that was in the Boston Deeps area.

The yacht had lost power and the crew member called for help and requested assistance.

Upon receiving the tasking from the Coastguard, the Skegness all-weather lifeboat (ALB) immediately launched and arrived on scene to assess the situation. This was the first service launch for relief all-weather lifeboat Storm Rider at Skegness.

Paul Simpson, RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, said: “In situations of distress at sea, knowing how to call for help is crucial.

"Using VHF radio Channel 16 or your mobile to dial 999/112 can be the difference between a successful rescue and a negative outcome.

"We urge all craft owners to familiarise themselves with these emergency communication methods and ensure their equipment is in working order before departing.”

Given the tide and conditions, the best course of action was determined to be deploying a member of the ALB crew aboard the yacht and rigging a tow to head towards Gibraltar Point, the nearest and most appropriate safe haven for the yacht.

The volunteer lifeboat crew onboard the ALB was led by Coxswain Craig Willard and included Craig Hopkins, Mark Holley, Martin Stokes, Ryan Speed and Lewis Knight onboard during the service call.

Due to low water, the Skegness inshore lifeboat (ILB) was launched at 5.48pm to assist with the tow.

Once on scene, the yacht managed to restart its engines with the help of the volunteer RNLI crew, who assisted the sole crew member in positioning and helming the vessel. The ILB escorted the yacht until the engine failed again. Subsequently, the ILB rigged a tow until the yacht was safely back at its mooring.

The volunteer inshore lifeboat crew was led by Helm Matt Jackson and included James Porter and Curtis Redford onboard during the service call.

RNLI Station Coxswain, Craig Willard expressed his gratitude: “I want to extend my sincere thanks to the skipper of the craft for their professionalism during our service launch.

"Their cooperation greatly facilitated our efforts. I am also immensely proud of our volunteer crew, both seagoing and shore-based, for their dedication and involvement across both launches.

"Their teamwork is a testament to the spirit of the RNLI and our commitment to saving lives at sea.”

Skegness' Coastguard Rescue Team took over once the yacht was secured on its mooring.

The charity’s lifeboats arrived back at Skegness Central Beach shortly after handing over the vessel to the Coastguard, and the crew debriefed following the service launch.

Then they washed down and refuelled the lifeboats to ensure they were ready for the next emergency.

This successful assistance operation underscores the vital role RNLI Skegness volunteer crew plays in maritime safety along the Lincolnshire coastline and demonstrates the crew members' dedication to respond swiftly and effectively to any emergency situation.

  • If you spot an emergency at sea, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
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