Skegness medical student who fled Ukraine speaks of fears of returning to a country at war

A medical student who returned to Lincolnshire from the Ukraine due to fears of an invasion has spoken of his concerns about returning.
Yxl Ayo is continuing his medical studies at home in Skegness.Yxl Ayo is continuing his medical studies at home in Skegness.
Yxl Ayo is continuing his medical studies at home in Skegness.

Former Skegness Grammar School student Ayo Adenaike, had been studying medicine at the Dnipro Medical Institute amid the current conflict in Eastern Europe.

He was advised to leave Ukraine by the British Embassy and has returned to Skegness where his mum lives and he hopes to continue his studies.

The decision to leave the country has left Ayo with "a lot of stress and anxiety".

“I had a lot of adrenaline going through me - and I was thinking ‘what’s going to happen now?," said Ayo, 24. "I was scared, I can’t lie to you, I was very, very scared.

"I thought everyone was going to rush to the airport and try to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

"I am very concerned about students and lecturers who are still out there.

"I hate that particularly black students are being refused entry to countries that border Ukraine - and I hate that they are not being allowed on transport that will help them leave the country.

"I commend the lecturers for their bravery for trying to still conduct classes and assign work whilst trying to keep themselves safe."

Ayo hopes his classes will resume online on March 12, but says that is not ideal for the students coming to the end of the course because they need clinical experience.

He says to chose to study in the Ukraine because the fees were cheaper but the qualification is still recognised by the General Medical Council (GMC).

"My plans are to continue to study just in case our classes come back full time and try to put together some options just in case this war goes on for an extended period of time," he said.

"In the meantime I am going to ask to volunteer at Skegness GP practice and A&E to try and get some experience."

Ayo hopes eventually to go back to the Ukraine. He said: "I’ve still got stuff there, but I am feeling a bit anxious about going back because things could just erupt again out of nowhere.”

An appeal has been launched by one of Ayo's lecturers to help the resistance to enemy invasion and protect civilians in Dnipro.

For more details email Ayo at [email protected]

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