SKEGNESS READER PICTURE: Follow the yellow plank road to twilight

This week’s Reader Picture follows on from last week’s Golden Hour shot at Gibraltar Point by once again taking us to that part of the day where day gives way to night or vice versa.
A crop of the Reader Picture.A crop of the Reader Picture.
A crop of the Reader Picture.

Here, we are looking west from Skegness Pier towards a faintly lit skyline.

The photograph was shared with The Standard by Elissa Harper.

We like how the viewer is drawn into the picture by the numerous lines of convergence – the decking of the pier, the struts of the bench, the railing, the lights – and how they meet at the brightest spot in the picture. Amid the darkness of the shot, it all looks very enticing – especially as the route there appears to be near-enough glowing.

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