Sleaford man creates comprehensive online account of British history during lockdown

A Sleaford man has created an all-encompassing online account of Britain’s past, from the prehistoric era to Covid-19.
Author Tom Bliss.Author Tom Bliss.
Author Tom Bliss.

Tom Bliss, 83, spent lockdown compiling Annals Britannica, which has now been published by Drive By Websites at

It is billed as a ‘comprehensive review and timeline of British history’.

“When the Covid lockdown started I had to find some interest I could pursue at home,” said Tom. “I had already published a small timeline of British history entitled From Stonehenge to Brexit (available from Amazon), for the benefit of people needing quick access to essential historical information about Britain and its people. I decided to attempt a more complete history of Britain based on the timeline, but accompanied by a review of the political, social and cultural situation for each period.”

Compiling the information took 21 months in all.

“As I neared completion of the task, I began to think about publication and realised it was not easy to publish a book in that form,” Tom said. “A new complete history of Britain would require pictures and would be an expensive product. At the beginning of summer 2021, I suddenly realised the project would work much better as a website. Most people have access to the internet and many, especially younger people, prefer to use it – finding it more accessible and cheaper than paying for an expensive book.”

Tom spent his working life farming and growing soft fruit and flower bulbs; however, he has always had a keen in interst in history.

He says for some time he has been concerned that knowledge of British history among the general public is often limited to a few key events. Annals Britannica – which assisted by an audio link for the visually impaired – aims to rectify this by running the British historical gamut and presenting the information in an accessible and concise format.

“I was fortunate that my appeal for professional help to create a website attracted Jack McLean, from nearby Pinchbeck, who quickly helped me create, a website which I feel is easy to use and looks good. I am particularly happy that Jack provided the audio assistance offered to the visually impaired.  

“I believe we have completed the only up-to-date history of Britain, easily available on a single website and hope it will prove useful for many years to students and others who want cohesive, accurate but relatively brief information about the entire course of British history.”

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