Sleaford teenager earns his flying wings as a gliding instructor

A Sleaford cadet’s career is set to soar even higher after he was awarded his flying wings as a junior gliding instructor.

Cadet WO Sam Hurry, right, with his examiner Flt Lt Nadin.
Cadet WO Sam Hurry, right, with his examiner Flt Lt Nadin.

Cadet warrant officer Sam Hurry, 19, passed his Grade 1 gliding instructor exams with ‘flying colours’ - and can now teach others how to pilot a glider.

CWO Hurry is currently the senior cadet with 2160 Sleaford Sqn ATC and the squadron says this award ‘marks the pinnacle of his near seven-year career with the RAF Air Cadets’.

Sam made the most of his new qualification by taking to the air as an instructor with a cadet from his own unit - Cadet Flight Sergeant Matthew Mayers.

CWO Sam Hurry, right, with fellow cadet FS Matthew Mayers, front. Images supplied.

CWO Hurry said: “The opportunity to glide was something I could only dream about before I joined the ATC; now, not only do I get to enjoy the thrill of gliding but I can also give my fellow cadets the opportunity to share this wonderful experience.”

Later this month Sam’s cadet service will draw to a close as he reaches his 20th birthday. However, he will not be lost to the Air Cadets as he intends to become an adult SNCO and will continue to offer his expertise to both his gliding students and the cadets of 2160 Sleaford Sqn.