Solicitors' staff spread joy at children's centre in Skegness

Staff at a solicitors in Skegness have been spreading joy at a local children's centre.
Hodgkinsons have been supporting Derbyshire Children's Centre in Skegness this Christmas.Hodgkinsons have been supporting Derbyshire Children's Centre in Skegness this Christmas.
Hodgkinsons have been supporting Derbyshire Children's Centre in Skegness this Christmas.

Employees of Hodgkinsons Solicitors have been taking part in their very own ‘shoebox appeal’ to give something special to the children staying at the Derbyshire Children’s Home this Christmas.

For over 125 years the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre in Skegness has provided disadvantaged youngsters with a break they might never receive.

The specialist residential centre helps children with their education, life skills and self-esteem, allowing them to make friends and memories which will last a lifetime.

By spending just one week away at this specialist co-education centre in a secure and supportive environment, it can make a huge difference to a child’s future.

These holidays can also give much needed respite to the children’s parents, guardians or carers.

Children who visit the home are referred for a place by either their schools or other authorities, such as social workers and doctors.

Recommendations are often made if the child comes from a home where the impact of financial hardship, deprivation or abuse has created a situation where stress is common and there are few comforts.

Those who attend the centre often have no prospect of going on a holiday, something which many of us take for granted.

The centre not only provides them with a “break” but also provides them with a Secondary Education Experience, helping them to enhance

their personal and social development.

By experiencing a quality residential holiday, the children are given a valuable start to their future aspirations.

The positive environment the children experience at the home also helps to improve the relationships and attitudes between both them, their families and peer groups once they return home.

Every year the Skegness Derbyshire Children’s Home provides holidays to approximately 660 children but in the month of December, the home host a ‘Christmas Week’ for those children who are identified as those most in need.

The centre relies solely on voluntary donations and the help of the local community.

This Christmas each employee at Hodginksons has been designated a child staying at the home so that they can create a box full of Christmas treats and surprises, personalised just for them.

Maisie Whittam, Marketing Assistant, said: "At Hodgkinsons we hope that by giving all 15 children staying at the home this Christmas a personalised Christmas box, we will be helping those who are experiencing a difficult life, to have some fun this Christmas.

"Through this small act of goodwill, we hope to make a big difference to those who need it most during this special time of year.

"Throughout Christmas we are dedicating much of our time to helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community. "