Somercotes Academy GCSE results continue to improve

Five years after Somercotes Academy became a member of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust, GCSE students are again celebrating increased success in their GCSE results, despite Covid-19 disruption.

GCSE students celebrate outside Somercotes Academy today with Principal Frances Green. EMN-200820-124425001

The results were distributed to students at the Academy this morning in small socially distanced groups, which complied with Covid-19 guidelines.

Teaching staff were available to offer face-to-face advice and support to the students regarding their results and post-16 choices.

Students were also assured that the “robust and rigorous assessment processes in place at all Tollbar Multi Academy Trust Academies” mean that these results are a “true reflection” of the grades they were expected to achieve had exams taken place.

David Hampson, Chief Executive of TMAT, said: “The GCSE students should be extremely proud of themselves.

“Their grades today are a true reflection of their hard work and ability.

“These are the grades teachers were expecting them to achieve had they sat their exams this year.

“We have very detailed processes in place to ensure that teacher assessments are accurate, including standardising and moderating mock exams and other internal assessments.

“In years gone by, we have always been very accurate in predicting our results and this year is no different, despite the tremendous disruption that Covid-19 has caused to everyone.”

Since 2018, a new grading system has been in place, with 9 – 1 replacing the old A* - G. Under the new system a Grade 7 equates to an A and 4 reads across to a C. The new grade 9 was designed to reward the very brightest and best students across the country.

Results at Somercotes Academy have seen an increase on last summer, with 59.6% of students achieving a standard pass (grades 4-9) in Maths and English; and 32.7% achieving a strong pass (grades 5-9).

The Academy’s Attainment 8 figure has also seen a rise to 48.01. Attainment 8 measures the achievement of a student across eight subjects, including English and Maths.

Frances Green, Principal of Somercotes Academy, said: “I am so very proud of the Year 11 students today. My congratulations go to all of them after what has been a truly challenging few months.

“They can rest assured that these grades are thoroughly deserved and are a real reflection of what they were expected to achieve had the exams gone ahead.

“Our GCSE students sat mock exams which complied with the exam board’s mark scheme, and they were also internally moderated, so they can be happy that the grades they have received today are an accurate reflection of their ability.

“Following five full years as a member of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust, these students are also reaping the rewards of outstanding teaching practices and significant investment at Somercotes Academy, which is continuing to see improvements year on year.”

Ellie Gowling achieved five grade 9s, three grade 8s and one grade 7. She will now study for her A Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

Ellie said: “I am really relieved because in all the confusion I was anxious about getting the grades I deserved. I would have preferred to have sat the exams to prove what I could achieve, but I am ecstatic now.” Ellie Gowling was also one of the students who made the most progress based on her Key Stage 2 scores.

Anthony Bagshaw achieved two grade 9s, three grade 8s and one grade 7 and will now study Computer Science, Physics and Maths at college.

He said: “I did pretty good. When they initially announced the lockdown I would still have liked to sit the exams, but now I am happy to have achieved these grades after working hard.”

Ben Jackson achieved four grade ,8s, three grade 7s and one grade 6.

Ben will now study at college for A Levels in Biology, History and Geography.

He said: “I would have liked to sit the exams because we had done a lot of work on exam technique and I was ready.

“It would have been good to show what we could do.”

Manisha Bains achieved three grade 7s, one grade 6 and four grade 5s.

She will now study for her A Levels at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College.

She said: “It has been really stressful not knowing what would happen but we have been really well supported by Somercotes Academy teachers.”

Students Rebecca Jeffrey, Claudia Senior and Alysia Lloyd-Clews also made the most progress at Somercotes Academy based on their KS2 scores.

Rebecca Jeffrey achieved one grade 8, two grade 7s and five grade 5s. She said: “I feel amazing. I was a bit worried because I did not know how I had done, but I feel great now,” she said. Rebecca will now study child care.

Claudia Senior is heading to Riseholme College to study Animal Management after achieving one grade 7 and six grade 6s.

She said: “We had a lot of support throughout our GCSE’s.”

Freya Donner achieved one grade 7, one grade 6, and three grade 5s.

She will now study at Tollbar MAT Sixth Form College for A Levels in History, English Language and Politics.

She said: “ I am relieved I have the grades I needed.”

Kitty Crossley achieved one grade six and three grade 5s. She will now study Drama, Media and Photography at college. She said: “I am happy today.”