Speculation local MP Victoria Atkins has job in Rishi Sunak's Cabinet

MP for Louth and Horncastle Victoria Atkins.MP for Louth and Horncastle Victoria Atkins.
MP for Louth and Horncastle Victoria Atkins.
Speculation local MP Victoria Atkins may get a job in the new Prime Minister’s cabinet has followed an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

The Louth and Horncastle MP said it was “above her paid grade” to comment when she was interviewed Susanna Reid who was outside No 10 ahead of the day’s historic developments and Liz Truss’ final address to the country as Prime Minister.

Liz Truss ended seven weeks as Conservative leader, becoming the shortest-serving Prime Minister in Britain’s history.

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Rishi Sunak has been appointed to take her place, amidst calls from the Labour Party and public for a General Election.

Victoria Atkins, during her interview on Good Morning Britain, described the last few weeks in politics as “very brutal” and “very fast-paced” but pointed out that what we are seeing today’s a “peaceful transition from one administration to another” and said not every country in the world manages their affairs such as this and we can be quietly proud.”

She accepted there was much work for the new administration to do. “When Rushi walks though that famous black door he has incredibly important tasks ahead of him and tasks which I have complete confidence he will be able to do.”

When it was pointed out the transition was far from peaceful – with clown music playing in the background, Victoria said there was a “proud history” of people demonstrating outside Parliament Square and steered the conversation to her reason for entering politics.

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"I came into politics to help my constituents and do some good as a member of parliament and minister. The past six weeks has been very difficult and particular for those at home watching this and thinking ‘hang on a minute I’m struggling to pay my bills’.

"We want this transition – and then to get on with the job.

"Liz very wisely introduced the energy price guarantee and that will help people with energy bills but there is so much more to do.

"And with Rishi, because we know how quickly he developed policy and acted during the pandemic when he was Chancellor we have every confidence in him.

"There is an enormous well of understanding and determination to help people at home because I know people are worried.”