Speed limit on A16 at Burwell to be reduced

Councillors have voted unanimously to reduce the speed limit on the road where a fatal crash took place earlier this year.
The A16 near Burwell. Photo: Google MapsThe A16 near Burwell. Photo: Google Maps
The A16 near Burwell. Photo: Google Maps

The A16 in Burwell was closed in March following a collision between a motorbike and a Ford Kruga.

Sadly, the motorcyclist – a 52-year-old woman – was killed at the scene.

On Monday (July 4), members of Lincolnshire County Council’s Planning and Regulation Committee were asked to support taking the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on both the A16 and Muckton Road after the accident sparked requests from several residents.

A report before councillors said the limit had been in place for “many years” and would have resulted from a speed survey and a new test measured the mean speed at 35mph, within 3mph of the level required to justify a 30mph speed limit.

It notes that data currently supports a reduction of the national speed limit to 50mph, and it is hoped the measures will reduce traffic collisions.

The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has also requested an assessment of the A16 to the north of Burwell to see if a reduction from the national speed limit may be used.

“Despite the use of enhanced signage and speed enforcement via a mobile camera unit, the latest reported injury accident data indicates that during the last five years there have been 13 accidents on the A16 within the 40mph speed limit, and a further 10 accidents to the north of the village,” it said.

“It is their intention therefore to submit a bid for funding to install an average speed camera system from a point approximately 1.2km north of the village which will continue through it.”

At the meeting on Monday, Chairman of the committee, Coun Ian Fleetwood, said: “I know the area well and used it many times, it is a fast road and I’m happy to support this scheme.”

Coun Charles Malfleet, ward member for Louth Wolds, said that he fully supported this proposal:

"Burwell has a bad camber in the road, which flips vehicles one way and another when it goes over the hill, and over time lorries have turned over, with livestock involved, the whole stretch from Hatham Top outside north of Burwell to Swaby is a very fast stretch and there are numerous accidents. Highways does need to look at the approach from the south as well.

"The village itself is constantly under pressure form speeding vehicles, and 30mph will go to some way to easing that.”

Coun Thomas Ashton proposed that the recommendation be approved, saying: “I drive that route regularly between between my home and Tedder Hall. I completely agree this section should be 30, if you were to drive through there anything over 30mph, it wouldn’t feel right to do so.

"I completely endorse Coun Marfleet in respect of the south of Burwell [being reduced to 30mph] because of the road going from 60mph to 30mph with such a short stretch.

"I’m very happy to second the recommendation but would add, we would like to see the southern approach reduced to 30 limit renewed with considerable urgency.”