Spoiler alert after seasonal vandalism in Market Rasen

Some of the sparkle has been taken off Christmas in Market Rasen after a spate of vandalism hit the town.

One of the houses before the vandals struck. (photo supplied)
One of the houses before the vandals struck. (photo supplied)

Seasonal spirit was at a high on Saturday as the town’s Festive Market and Craft fair was held, but this was tarnished by the actions of ‘the few’ in the following days.

Town mayor, Coun Stephen Bunney, has condemned the actions of the vandals and is urging residents to report all incidents to the police.

He said: “After all the good of the weekend, I was sad to learn that some members of our community have been vandalising Christmas decorations around the town. It is such a pity that the efforts of those who want to bring seasonal cheer to the area are ruined by antisocial behaviour of the few.”

Coun Bunney continued: “I can confirm that the relevant bodies have taken action - reporting further crimes will definitely be listened to and will allow officials to take action at the next stage.”

A number of town residents have taken to social media over the incidents of vandalism.

Lou Rutherford was one of those affected by the vandalism.

She said how her 12-year-old son had wanted to put up some Christmas lights at their home and how his pleasure had turned to sadness when his work was ‘trashed’ by the vandals.

She said: “They attempted to steal a set of lights which ran along the front wall.

“They failed in their mission so instead decided to sever the wires, by blade or hand, and make off with just half a set of lights, which without the plug and remaining set of lights, will be completely useless to them.

“Not content with this act of vandalism, another neighbour approached us within minutes, to say that they had discovered part of a light up Santa Claus in their front garden which didn’t belong to them and were only alerted by the noise these vandals/thieves made.

“It would seem that these random attackers have no emotion of how their behaviour will affect those from which they prey upon.”

The lights were later found not far from Mrs Rutherford’s home, but were unsalvagable.

The vandalism has also affected the Light Trail organised by Market Rasen Action Group (MRAG), who have said they will now not be listing the addresses of those who were taking part.

A spokesman said: “It’s such a shame that a few are spoiling others people’s enjoyment at this wonderful time of the year.

“Many residents spend a lot of money and time making a big effort to bring smiles to others.

“We are feeling very disheartened.”

MRAG is also encouraging people to report incidents to police alongside Coun Bunney, who says it is part of a bigger problem within the town.

He said: “We need to make sure people report any incident and this is for two reasons.

“Firstly, so the profile of anti-social behaviour we are experiencing in the town can be built up and the official response can be escalated.

“Secondly, we need to have the data to show that we can make an argument for a higher police presence in the town.

“Such damage is a crime and should be reported to the police on 101 or on line at www.lincs.police.uk.

“However, if there is a delay or the wait on the phone is too long for you, let me know and I will pass the information on for you.”