Sports hall plan withdrawn - but it will be back!

Plans for a new sports hall at a Louth secondary school have been withdrawn following a backlash from neighbouring residents and town council - with the head teacher stating that plans are being looked at ‘in more detail’ to ensure that the proposed hall is a success.

The sports hall plans have been withdrawn - but are expected to be resubmitted with amendments.
The sports hall plans have been withdrawn - but are expected to be resubmitted with amendments.

As reported previously, the plans - submitted by King Edward VI Grammar School - came under scrutiny at the Annual Louth Town Meeting in April following concerns raised by residents in the Horncastle Road area who raised objections to the location - rather than the principle - of the proposed sports hall.

These concerns led to the town council’s planning committee objecting to the plans in their current form.

The town councillors had previously given its conditional support for the plans, subject to its location.

Sport England also objected to the existing plans, but said they would be happy to reconsider subject to further information, amendments, and a proposed visit to the site.

Last week, it was revealed that the planning application had been withdrawn by the school on Wednesday, May 15.

Earlier this week, James Lascelles, head teacher at King Edward VI Grammar School, told the Leader: “Following a positive set of discussions last week, we have agreed to withdraw our application in order to look in more detail at how we secure King Edward’s commitment to community access in perpetuity to ensure that Louth doesn’t suffer a repeat of the closures of school sports facilities.

“Trustees are more than happy to work with our partners amongst the local sport clubs, East Lindsey, Magna Vitae and Louth Town Council to secure that level of commitment and to provide the necessary reassurances required by Sport England.”

Mr Lascelles previously stated that other locations had been considered, but each one posed ‘various difficulties’.