‘Staggering’: Louth councillor slams ELDC for requesting financial help while pressing ahead with new headquarters

East Lindsey District Council leader Craig Leyland has been accused of showing ‘staggering audacity’ in requesting financial help from the Government.

The proposed headquarters in Horncastle

Louth district and town councillor Andrew Leonard has slammed ELDC’s plea for money when it was spending over £8 million on an ‘office block in Horncastle’.

He said it was akin to ‘buying a Rolls Royce and then asking the bank for help’.

His comments sparked a swift response from Coun Leyland, who said Coun Leonard was talking ‘absolute rubbish’.

Councillor Andrew Leonard

In a letter to the Louth Leader, Coun Leonard claims ELDC’s allocation of extra government funding (£1.5m to date) is the largest in Lincolnshire.

He adds: “The audacity in asking for more government money is staggering when they are about to blow £8 million-plus on the new office block at Horncastle.”

Coun Leonard also makes a series of claims about the Horncastle move, including health and safety concerns post Covid-19 and a lack of public consultation.

Coun Leyland said he was ‘tired’ of hearing Coun Leonard’s ‘parochial views’ about the new headquarters.

Councillor Craig Leyland

He said: “Once again, he is talking absolute rubbish. At no time has he approached the planning office, or any of our finance officers.

“As I’ve said before, this project will be cost neutral in 15 years.

“Apart from considerable savings on out-dated accommodation (Manby and Skegness Town Hall) this will also deliver a much needed new college, in partnership with Boston College.

“We might look at providing something similar in Louth in future. I wonder what Coun Leonard’s comments will be then?”