Tallest firefighter in Lincolnshire to climb Mount Snowdon for charity

You might think the tallest firefighter in Lincoln will have a head start when he climbs Mount Snowdon in full kit for charity.

On-call firefighter Jordan Powley is to climb Mount Snowdon in full kit for charity.
On-call firefighter Jordan Powley is to climb Mount Snowdon in full kit for charity.

Jordan Powley stands at 6ft 9ins tall but he is under no illusion that the challenge will be hard.

Since deciding to climb the 1,085m high mountain in Wales for the Firefighters Charity, he has been training by walking a lot at night around Skegness

"I’ve also taken up boxing at SFK Gym to get in better shape and improve myself ready to take on this challenge,” he said.

Based at Skegness Fire Station, Jordon – whose day job is at Manorcrest Homes ion the joinery team, has served as an an-call firefighter for just over six years ready to answer 999 calls day and night.

“Firefighting to me is one of the best jobs in the world,” he said. “It’s about experiencing new challenges and constantly gaining new knowledge whilst thriving to make our communities a safer, healthier and more resilient place for all.”

Walking is one of Jordan’s hobbies. “I enjoy walking, it has so many benefits,” he said. “Walking is great for the mind, fitness and general well-being.

"Although I walk a lot and have walked previous hills such as Thors Cave and Kinder Scout, Mount Snowdon will be a first and a challenge, so throwing on my Firefighting kit will definitely put me to the test.”

However, with the support of his friends who will be by his side and the support from all donators, he is confident he will make it to the top.

Jordan wants to raise as much as possible for this FireFighters Charity because it supports the mental, physical and social needs of all serving and retired members of the UK’s fire family.

“The Fire Fighters Charity offers specialist lifelong support for members of the UK fire services community, empowering individuals to achieve mental, physical and social wellbeing throughout their lives,” he said. “It provides independent, personalised support to thousands of people each year, and they’re not all firefighters.

"“Any donations are welcome, no matter how big or small, and if you feel like you cannot donate, sharing my JustGiving page and telling your friends will help to get the word out further.”