Team mates pay tribute to Gainsborough indoor bowls player who passed away from coronavirus

Tributes have been paid to a ‘much loved’ member of the Riverside Indoor Bowls club in Gainsborough who sadly passed away from coronavirus.
Roy EneverRoy Enever
Roy Enever

Roy Enever died on May 27, in Scunthorpe Hopital after he contracted the virus following an operation.

Roy moved to Gainsborough in 2002 with his wife Lynda and started playing bowls in 2009.

He was always competitive and loved the camaraderie and social aspects of outdoor and indoor bowls and made many friends.

Roy was Captain of the Marshalls A Team outdoor bowls club and became a trustee of Riverside Indoor Bowls (RIBs).

And some of his fellow bowlers have been paying tribute to him.

Colin Ridley, a trustee who spent many hours working with Roy over the business and correspondence side of RIBs, said: “He was ever so cheerful with a positive attitude and always excellent company.”

Linda Grocock, a trustee, said: “Whatever fundraising we did, Roy was always supportive, erecting marquees, transporting boxes for table top sales, chairing RIB's meetings, speaking with councillors and officers and checking out property and land for a bowls venue.

“He was very reliable and ‘hands on’ but most importantly he was a good friend to many and a big family man who will be missed tremendously.”

Tim Kempton, a friend of 11 years and fellow bowler, said: "Roy was a really nice guy who would help anyone out in difficulty and he would be greatly missed.”

Eve Reynolds, a Marshalls player said: "He was a wonderful friend and bowler.”

Geoff Gray, a team member said: "We will miss Roy's direct and friendly approach to run our bowls team.”

And Iris and Ron Mallen, RIBs trustees, said he was well known and well-loved in the bowling fraternity, both indoor and outdoor and was passionate about returning indoor bowls to the district and worked tirelessly as the chairman/trustee of Riverside Indoor Bowls.

Roy always loved sports with a passion and enjoyed playing football in his youth and before moving to Gainsborough he coached football teams in Bury St Edmunds and Windsor.