The state of Rasen’s roads!

Rasen’s new county councillor has hit the ground running by calling for an urgent audit of the area’s roads.

Pot holes are an endless issue

Last week saw a double celebration for Coun Stephen Bunney - on Wednesday he was elected Market Rasen Mayor and on Friday as councillor for the Rasen Wolds Division.

While the town council election was a unanimous decision, the county vote was a close run thing.

After two recounts, the result showed the Liberal Democrats had taken the previously Conservative held seat by just 14 votes.

As district and town councillor, Stephen Bunney has raised the issue of the area’s roads on many occasions EMN-210321-162713001

Coun Bunney is also the area’s District Councillor and has previously raised issues on behalf of the town about the roads.

Now, he is widening that concern to cover the whole of the Rasen Wolds are.

He said: “Hardly a week goes by without a significant road accident on the A631, A46 or other roads in the Market Rasen Wolds area.

“Poorly maintained roads - including verges and pavements - inadequate signage, inconsiderate parking, unsuitably large vehicles along with poor driving, lack of resources to fund adequate enforcement schemes, being the main causes.

Signage is an issue too

“It is no wonder that local residents and visitors to the area frequently fear for their safety when using the roads.

“This is certainly not right or fair, especially when we are all being encouraged to take to the highways on foot or on bicycle for both exercise and also to help in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions.”

Coun Bunney is this week launching an online petition for people to have their say - which he will link through his Facebook page -

Several individuals and local parish councils throughout the area have taken action by placing warning signs at dangerous points, posts on social media, lobbying the police, Highways and other Lincolnshire County Council groups, as well as joining speed watch schemes in an effort to get things improved.

A multi-agency approach is needed to look at all aspects of road safety

However, Coun Bunney says the response to these efforts has been mixed.

He said: “Some definite positive local improvements have been made, but all too often they end in frustration and an overall awareness that there is no joined up big picture to bring about a comprehensive improvement in road safety.

“It is clear to me that there has to be multi agency thinking, and funding, in consultation with local residents and road users if all the issues are to be correctly identified and effectively acted on.

“Lincolnshire County Council, as the lead local authority in the area, is the organisation that needs to be proactive in bringing these discussions about.

“To this end, I am putting together and running a the petition calling for LCC to act on the Road Safety.

“This will be presented to Lincolnshire County Council, the Executive Member responsible for Transport etc, and the Highways Department in June.”

Coun Bunney continued: “I also want to look at setting up some meetings so everyone can have their say on this issue and others that matter to them.”

Coun Bunney added: “The petition will be online and in paper form.

“Please get in contact with me if you would be prepared to help in promoting the petition when it is up and running.

“I would also be interested in any other ideas people may have on Road Safety in our area.”

• Email him on 
[email protected] or call 07506 188570