Theddlethorpe pupils introduce your new purple-lidded bin

Ahead of the launch of the new purple-lidded bins across East Lindsey, pupils at Theddlethorpe Academy want to help residents put the right thing in the right bin.

Pupils at Theddlethorpe Academy want to help you put the right thing in the right bin.
Pupils at Theddlethorpe Academy want to help you put the right thing in the right bin.

In a new video, six pupils from the school introduce the new purple-lidded bin for paper and card and explain what will go in each bin when the bin comes in to operation in the district later this year.

Mia Scott, Riley Taylor, Riley Dennis, Connor, Mckenna, Lola Howseman and Miley Jordan star in the video, filmed with the help of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership.

Principal of Theddlethorpe Academy, Susan Cook, said: “This introduction of new paper and card wheelie bins is a necessary step towards more efficient recycling.


"The participation of the children from Theddlethorpe in this video was very much appreciated, because it will allow them to remind their peers and others about the significance of putting the ‘Right Thing’, into the ‘Right Bin.’

“It is essential that the residents of our community, including children and parents, have the knowledge that material that has been recycled is a valuable resource.”

Purple-lidded bins will begin to be delivered across East Lindsey from mid-August, with the first collections taking place in September 2022.

Residents will soon receive a welcome pack with a collection calendar and a clear recycling guide, showing which materials can go in the grey recycling bin and which in to the new purple-lidded bin.


Rachel Stamp, Lincolnshire County Council’s Waste Partnership and Projects Manager, said: “We’re so grateful to the pupils of Theddlethorpe Academy for starring in the video and helping us introduce the new purple-lidded bin and spread the ‘Right Thing, Right Bin’ message.

“They’ve shown themselves to be keen young recyclers, and even budding actors and presenters too!”

More than 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used in the UK each year.

This accounts for 20 per cent of all household waste produced in the UK, with the average family throwing away around six trees worth of paper every year.


If every person in the country recycled just 10 per cent more paper, it would save approximately five million trees each year.

Separating out the paper and card keeps it cleaner and provides a higher quality recycling.

In other Lincolnshire districts where the purple-lidded bin has been rolled out, the specialist paper mill that the recycling is sent to reports that 98.5 per cent of it is of great quality, with the potential to be recycled many times over.

As part of the roll-out of the purple-lidded bins in the district, East Lindsey residents can now also put glass bottles and jars in their grey recycling bins at home.


For more information about what goes in each bin in East Lindsey, visit .