'˜Their generosity is beyond belief'- ECHO of Louth

Thanks to the generosity of the Travelling community in Newark, many people in Louth, Grimsby, Lincoln and Skegness will be provided with food this winter.

Little Oliver and mum Stacy (front left), alongside Richard Speed (behind Ollie), alongside ECHO volunteers.

The Travellers recently bought over 150 shopping trolleys full of food and donated them to various organisations for the homeless in the East Midlands.

ECHO (East Coast Homeless Outreach), based in Louth, was one of the beneficiaries of the travellers’ generosity, and Richard and Alan from ECHO went to Newark last week in their distinctive red van for it to be piled high with the 
donated food.

Richard Speed said: “We cannot express our gratitude enough to the Travellers.

“The general public have a very poor opinion of the Travelling community, but this generosity is beyond belief.

“With the donated food we will be able to supply the Storehouse in Skegness and provide food for the homeless in Louth, Lincoln and Grimsby.

“A lot of people will have a better Christmas because of the Travellers’ kindness.

“It just goes to show that we mustn’t make judgments about people who we think are different - humanity is what we should all practice.”

The giving did not stop there, as on their way from Newark to Skegness, the Travellers picked up parcels for the homeless, donated by Horncastle Methodist Church.

Last, but certainly not least, ECHO would like to thank Ollie Johnson (8) from Scampton for personally raising over £120 for the homeless in Louth, 
Lincoln and Grimsby.

Ollie’s mum, Stacy, said: “Ollie asked if it was possible to buy a house for the homeless. I said that would be a bit expensive so instead we came up with the idea of Ollie drawing and painting Christmas gift tags which he then sold at four for £1. He worked very hard.”

With the money, Ollie was able to buy coats, fleeces, hats, gloves, socks, coffee, tea, Pot Noodles, sugar and selection boxes for those in need.

Richard Speed said: “Ollie is a remarkable young man. Very thoughtful and kind.

“His efforts will make many homeless people happier and warmer this Christmas.”

It is amazing how much difference one person’s (in this case, an eight year old boy), contribution can make to the lives of those less fortunate than themselves”.