Third generation owner takes popular Coningsby establishment The Leagate Inn

The Leagate Inn. EMN-190919-112507001The Leagate Inn. EMN-190919-112507001
The Leagate Inn. EMN-190919-112507001
A Coningsby dining establishment is undergoing major changes with a new owner ready to take on the challenge.

The Leagate Inn has been taken over by Harry Dennison, who is the third generation of owners in his family.

Harry. 27, said: “My mum and dad took the place over in 1983 - they bought it with my grandad but the initial trade was all brought by my grandad.

“Mum and dad have run it for 37 years now.

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Moo and Blue homemade pie. EMN-190919-112456001Moo and Blue homemade pie. EMN-190919-112456001
Moo and Blue homemade pie. EMN-190919-112456001

“Mum and dad leased it to a couple in January but it wasn’t quite right for them.

“What it did do, is open up an opportunity for me to move back and take the pub over effectively.

“We took ownership of the building again in August and we have spent time cleaning the pub and getting it up to a good standard.

“It is all systems go at the minute to try and get the pub back to how it used to be - if not better.”

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Harry left Lincolnshire six years ago and moved to 
Hertfordshire where he worked in property - but Harry always kept his passion for food.

He explained: “As a side job I used to write about and review restaurants.

“One of the main reasons I moved away from Lincolnshire is that there wasn’t a lot going on.

“Down in Hertfordshire there is a lot going on and a lot more places to try.

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“I wanted to bring a bit of London to Lincolnshire and do something a bit different around here - something quite individual.”

Business is already booming again - with weekly pie nights and steak nights proving to be particularly popular.

Harry said: “My mum is one of the best pastry chefs I know - she was taught by my nan so the shortcrust recipe we use is 40 years old!

“The feedback we have been getting as people have been coming in is really warming.

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“We have been so well supported - it has just been amazing the response we have had.

“There is a lot of work we are doing not only for the food and business but also to the building itself.

“Absolutely everyone that has stepped in this pub we have welcomed with open arms.

“Everyone is extremely happy to have a trusted establishment that they can come too.

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“In the future I want to do brunches on a Saturday in the summer, I’ll put live music on.

“I want to produce a place that everyone can come and enjoy.

“I’m just very fortunate to be in this position.”

To find out more, search for The Leagate Inn on Facebook.