Tier 3 reaction: Rasen must continue to ‘work together as a community’ says councillor

Market Rasen district councillor Stephen Bunney has added his voice to those expressing disappointment at Lincolnshire being allocated tier 3 as a whole from December 2.

Coun Stephen Bunney

He said: “I am very disappointed that the Government felt it necessary to place West Lindsey in Tier 3 - very high alert.

“Since the beginning of The Pandemic, right up to the present time, the vast majority of residents and business in Market Rasen have worked hard at adhering to the social distancing measures set out by The Government.

“Standards are certainly much better than those observed in surrounding main towns and on media reports.

“The Tier 3 decision makes it seem as if the town is being punished for this good behaviour - this can not be right.

“It is tempting to say what the heck and let our standards drop because they’re not respected. This though would be foolhardy, as it would inevitably result in a worsening of the virus in this area with unfortunate consequences for the people of the area.

“It is important that we continue to be responsible, keep to social distancing and other protective measures and, above all, to positively adapt our lifestyles to the new ‘normal’.

“It is important that we continue to work together as a community and help each other out on a neighbourly and commercial basis.

“Wherever possible, we need to purchase items and use our local shops and businesses.

“We all need to be mindful of the hospitality businesses of the town which, unlike all other retail outlets, are not permitted to return to full trading on December 2nd.

“The Government has provided grant funding during the pandemic to help individuals and businesses through the difficult economic times. The support has been generally welcomed, but for many, especially where there is a discretionary element to the grants [as is the case for sectors of the Hospitality Industry], it has not been enough to prevent worry, ill health and genuine hardship.

“I will continue to lobby everyone I can to get more funds released to adequately compensate those who have and are suffering economically by this woefully inappropriate Tier 3 decision. As soon as we hear anything we will let you know.

“Local politicians in the town, West Lindsey District, Lincolnshire County and Parliament [Sir Edward Leigh] are united in their belief that the Tier 3 rating is wrong and damaging to the area, and have and will continue to argue and lobby the Government to change its mind and reduce the level to Tier 2, or 1, as soon as possible.

“Please continue to follow the official guidelines of washing hands, wearing a face covering, maintaining social distance and keeping to prescribed group and visiting arrangements.

“By continuing to work together, we will beat the virus and reverse this ridiculous rating decision.

“If you have any worries or concerns please get in contact and I will do what I can to help - call 07506 188570 or email [email protected] .