Town mayor - '˜a roundabout would not end jams'

A roundabout would not help ease delays at a notorious traffic hotspot in Horncastle - because drivers would ignore it

Coun Brian Burbidge - against a roundabout at problem junction

That’s the opinion of town mayor, Councillor Brian Burbidge.

At a recent meeting with County Council Highways representatives, a town resident suggested introducing a roundabout at the junction of the A153 and the A158.

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According to the county council, the junction is the second busiest in the county and is one of the most significant factors in plans for a Horncastle bypass as part of a new Coastal Highway.

However, the resident - who was not named - said a roundabout would ease traffic flows and save the millions of pounds a new bypass would cost.

He argued a roundabout meant traffic heading through town on the A158 would have to slow down and give way to vehicles leaving the A153 (Boston Road). Highways officials at the meeting ruled out the idea and pointed out there wasn’t room at the junction for a roundabout.

They were backed by Coun Burbidge who said: “Even if you just put a white dot in the centre of that road, people would drive straight over it.

“They wouldn’t give way.

“We’ve already seen that at the top of Louth Road at the junction with Stanhope Road.

“I’m afraid your idea wouldn’t work - there is just too much traffic for that junction.”

The resident disagreed and pointed out to what had happened after traffic lights were removed from John Adams Way in Boston and replaced by a roundabout.

He told the meeting: “At the end of John Adams Way, they had traffic lights and it was utter chaos.

“They have taken the lights away and put in a roundabout.

“The traffic is still there, but it is on the move.

“You could do the same with Horncastle. Lights just cause a stoppage.”

LCC’s Executive Councillor for Highways Richard Davies was adamant a roundabout would not work.

He said all reports showed traffic lights were often the best way to control vehicles at many junctions.

He also questioned what would happen to pedestrian crossing facilities at the junction - if a roundabout was introduced.

As reported in last week’s News, Coun Davies said the only answers to jams at the junction - and in other locations along the A158 in town - was a new bypass.