Town mayor re-elected for another year

One of Lincolnshire’s most respected and long-serving councillors has been re-appointed as chairman/mayor of Horncastle Town Council for a third year in succession.
Town Mayor, Councillor Fiona Martin.Town Mayor, Councillor Fiona Martin.
Town Mayor, Councillor Fiona Martin.

Councillor Fiona Martin was re-elected at a full meeting of Horncastle Town Council which was held in person at Stanhope Hall last Tuesday (May 18).

At the meeting, nominations were put forward for Coun Fiona Martin, with councillors agreeing that it has been a year like no other and that it would be good for the newly elected mayor/chairman to attend events again.

Councillors voted in favour of Coun Martin for the position.

Deputy Mayor Councillor Brian Burbidge.Deputy Mayor Councillor Brian Burbidge.
Deputy Mayor Councillor Brian Burbidge.

Speaking at the meeting, Coun Martin said she considered it an honour to be proposed again.

She added: “In forty-odd years of local government I have never known a year like it and I hope we never do again.”

Coun Martin also paid tribute to Horncastle and the community for coming together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coun Martin said: “I want to pay tribute to the people of Horncastle who have done such a superb job and stepped up to the plate during the pandemic.

“A lot of people – including many in this room – have been doing shopping, delivering 
prescriptions, helping with the food larder and they have done an awful lot of work during the pandemic

“The pandemic, to a degree, has brought out the best and the worst in people and in 
Horncastle we have seen more of the best than we have the worst because we have seen a lot of people helping neighbours and helping each other

“The good old community spirit has come to the fore and I would like to pay tribute to the town I am immensely proud and I know everybody in this room is too.

“I look forward to a more normal year.”

Nominations were then heard for vice chairman/deputy mayor.

Coun Angela Birchall was nominated and said it would be an honour to be elected as vice chairman.

Coun Brian Burbidge was also nominated.

At the meeting, Coun Birchall said: “I have done a year as vice-chairman so I am quite happy to step aside.”

Coun Richard Barker was also nominated for vice chairman by Coun Alan Lockwood.

Coun Barker was absent from the meeting so there was discussion about whether the nomination was valid, however his nomination was not seconded.

Councillors were asked to vote for Coun Burbidge, and he was elected by majority.

The News contacted Coun Burbidge after the meeting for a statement.

Coun Burbidge said: “I am pleased and privileged to have been selected as vice chair and deputy mayor of 
Horncastle Town Council and congratulate Councillor Fiona Martin MBE on her selection as mayor and chair of the town council.

“The town faces many challenges as it recovers from the lockdowns and the covid pandemic and I along with Councillor Martin and all town councillors will continue to work towards the best interests of Horncastle its businesses, residents and visitors.”