Transgender Gainsborough woman launches support group for LGBTQ+ community

A transgender woman from Gainsborough who started an LGBTQ+ group on Facebook has been overwhelmed by the support and amount of members who have joined in just a few weeks.

Erin Gittins, 33, created the Lincolnshire LGBTQ+ group after she realised that not everyone received the same support and acceptance that she did when she came out to her friends and family.

Erin said: “When I came out as who I am the support was overwhelming but then I realised not everyone got support and acceptance like I did from family and friends.

"I had people coming up to me in the street hugging me and buying me drinks saying well done to me, and I thought why doesn't everyone get this.

Erin Gittins has started an LQBTQ+ support group on Facebook

"I heard stories from people about their kids getting bullied for being LGBTQ+ and people getting abuse on the streets regularly.”

"So I thought things need to change and people need help so on June 27, I sat down and created the Lincolnshire LGBTQ+ group. We already have more than 400 members, averaging 80 people joining a day.”

"I invited admins with different sexualitys and transgender men and transgender women, like myself, to help others.

"We have a variety of people offering advice and support, we have helped people make new friends, we've helped kids who are being bullied and we are now contacting schools to see if we can come and talk to students who are struggling with abuse because of their sexuality and talk to groups of kids about our stories and show them they're not alone and there is nothing wrong with being yourself.

"We are also in talks with a local venue about setting a date for Gainsborough it have it's first ever LGBTQ+ event which be groundbreaking for Gainsborough and surrounding areas.

“We have so much support for it so far from the venue itself, local charity's and businesses wanting to get involved and also local acts like theatre groups, dance groups, bands and drag queen acts.

"We want to create a different pride event as we want it to be family event with all the community involved and show people there's no need to have a phobia towards LGBTQ+.”

If you would like to join the group search for Lincolnshire LGBTQ+ on Facebook.