Tree surgeon describes late night dramatic cat rescue

A brave Louth tree surgeon has described his late night rescue of a stricken cat from a tree in Louth last night (Wednesday).
Scott Short rescues the cat from the tree. Photo: Sarah Shaun OdlinScott Short rescues the cat from the tree. Photo: Sarah Shaun Odlin
Scott Short rescues the cat from the tree. Photo: Sarah Shaun Odlin

The black and white young cat, thought to be around two years old, had been stuck up the 80ft Giant Redwood tree on Eastgate Road, near the Priory Hotel, for nearly two days in the inclement weather conditions.

There had been a number of posts on the Louth Cats & Dogs Owners Facebook group describing the cat’s plight, and administrator of the group, Debbie Pearson, said a number of suggestions and appeals for help had been circulating:

"People were suggesting calling the RSPCA or the fire brigade, and then some thought that a tree surgeon might do the job,” she said.

That was when local tree surgeon, Scott Short, was tagged in the post at around 9.10pm last night, and he went straight round to see if he could help in the pouring rain.

Scott said: “I was listening to hear where the cat was and whereabouts in the tree it was, and it was stuck about 8ft from the top.

"I was actually praying just for the rain to stop for an hour so I could climb up – and it did! I think someone was listening!”

Scott then changed into his climbing gear and set off up the tree to rescue the cat.

"As I got closer to the cat, I could hear it miaowing like mad and when I reached him, he came down to me and pretty much climbed on my shoulder,” Scott said.

"I managed to grab him and held on really tightly so it wouldn’t try and jump down, and finally managed to get him on the ground.”

The wet and frightened cat was then wrapped in a towel by a bystander and taken to James Street Veterinary Centre in Louth, and many on social media have hailed Scott a hero for the cat’s late night cat rescue.

"I don’t feel like a hero though – it’s just my job,” said Scott, “But I’ve been doing this for 17 years and I’ve never had to rescue a cat before – I’ll have to add it to my CV!”

A spokesman for James Street Veterinary Centre confirmed that there is a happy ending, as the cat was microchipped and has now been reunited with his relieved owner.

Debbie added: “We’re so relieved the cat was rescued safely, it was so lovely the way the community came together to help.”

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