Truck loads of Christmas gifts heading to women's refuges in Lincolnshire

A Lincolnshire grandma says she will never forget the time she spent in a woman's refuge with her mum.

Jasmine Davis (left) Mercedes Hyatt with gifts for women's refuges in Lincolnshire.
Jasmine Davis (left) Mercedes Hyatt with gifts for women's refuges in Lincolnshire.

In spite of it being a traumatic time for her family, Jodie Harvey says she always felt safe and those memories have remained with her all her life.

There are three women's refuges in Lincolnshire where it is believed 21 families will be spending this Christmas.

Jodie says she and her mum have always remained grateful for the support they received.

Jasmine and Mercedes had so many donations they had to make two trips.

Now, her experiences have inspired her daughter, Jasmine Davis, and niece, Mercedes Hyatt, to support others who may be spending this Christmas in a refuge.

They launched an appeal on social media for EDAN Lincs Domestic Abuse Service.

On Sunday, a truck loaded with gifts that have been donated headed from Skegness to an agreed location for distribution.

Amongst the items were pamper packs for women and toys for the boys and girls who will not be home for a visit from Santa.

"I spent time in women's refuges as a child with my mum," Jodie recalls. "I have fond memories of my time in there and always felt safe.

"My mum was supported very well to move house and make a new start.

"Jasmine and Mercedes will have really made a difference to those spending this Christmas in a refuge.

"I’m so proud that their selfless act."

Jasmine, from Winthorpe, said she can't believe how generous people have been.

"EDAN is very close to our family's hearts with my mum and grandma spending time in them," explained Jasmine.

"The response to our appeal have been so overwhelming and heartwarming. We had an Amazon wish list and received £130 in cash donations.

"As well as toiletries we have included things such as face packs, bath bombs and body sprays to help the women feel special - I think the staff at the store thought we were panic buying when they saw our trolley.

"We have also got a range of toys for boys and girls in different age groups.

"In the end we had so much stuff we had to make two trips but we are leaving it to EDAN to distribute the items to the other refuges too."