Two Lincolnshire LIVES volunteers appear in Channel 5 TV series

Lincolnshire emergency response charity, LIVES saw two of their lifesaving volunteers featured in the Channel 5 programme, A&E After Dark.

Critical Care Paramedic, Simon Shingler and Critical Care Doctor, Halden Hutchinson-Bazely are featured in the episode from Monday, May 24.

They responded to a 999 call as volunteers for Lincolnshire charity, LIVES after they received an emergency alert of female patient who had been hit by a car and needed urgent attention.

Simon Shingler, who can be seen in LIVES branding discussing the patient at around four minutes 20, said: “LIVES is a charity that I respond for as a Critical Care Paramedic and that I am extremely passionate about.

Simon Shingler and Halden Hutchinson-Bazely

"In 2020, I attended 145 incidents and delivered critical care at 36 of those incidents.

"This year, I have been busier still.

"So far this year I have attended 100 incidents and delivered critical care intervention at 32 of those.

“We work really closely with the local ambulance service, but they are not equipped to provide this level of care at some of the most serious of 999 calls, and rely on charities like LIVES to attend and provide this.

"This really can make a patients’ experience so much better and can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.”

You can watch the episode by visiting

LIVES needs to fundraise £1.4 million a year to train, equip and support their volunteers, who are currently attending calls like these, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The charity, which turned 50 last year, continues to support its communities by responding to medical emergencies when a 999 call is made.

LIVES also has more than 70 volunteer doctors, nurses and paramedics who respond to complex or traumatic medical emergencies across Lincolnshire.

For more information on LIVES, you can visit their website at

If you would like to support LIVES, you can make a donation via their website or by contacting the Fundraising Team at [email protected]