Unsafe street reports ‘already received more than 200 reports’

Lincolnshire Police say a tool to report places where people feel unsafe is already having an impact.

The StreetSafe website.
The StreetSafe website.

The StreetSafe scheme has received more than 200 reports since it launched in May, and one building owner is taking now action.

People said they felt unsafe near a specific Lincolnshire building on five different dates due to the lack of lighting.

Police teams have worked with the owner to improve the lighting in the area.

The pilot programme is aimed at tackling violence against women and girls.


People can report places on the website for a range of reasons, including anti-social behaviour, vandalism or inappropriate behaviour – although crimes should still be reported on 101 or 999.

Police will work outside partners to deal with issues and help people feel safe on the streets.

Detective Superintendent Suzanne Davies said: “Over the last two months we have received over 200 reports from our communities who have shared their concerns using StreetSafe.

“In one area of the county, we received five reports on different dates reporting lack of lighting near a specific building.


“Our Neighbourhood Policing Team has shared this data with the owners of that premises who are now looking at improving the lighting in this area.

“Without StreetSafe reporting, the owners did not realise the impact on their visitors so I would encourage you to use StreetSafe if you have similar concerns.

“We have seen good reporting across the county particularly in Lincoln, Sleaford and Boston and we have developed a QR code on posters which can be displayed in shops, cafés and public buildings to make reporting easier.

“If you want any posters for your premises, please contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.


“Please remember, StreetSafe is not monitored on a daily basis and therefore should not be used for reporting crime or incidents.”