UPDATE: Louth and Horncastle area Parish Council elections results

Here are the candidates and contested results for the Horncastle and Louth area Parish Council elections (*successful candidates and votes):
The count begins for the local elections in East Lindsey.The count begins for the local elections in East Lindsey.
The count begins for the local elections in East Lindsey.


BANNISTER, Tabbi – elected

BOWEN, Amanda – elected

DONNELLAN, Paddy – elected

EVISON, Ray – Independent

FIRTH, Tracey – elected

JOHNSON, Dick – elected

MASON, Matt – elected

MOORHOUSE, Kevin Nigel – elected

OLIVE, Glyn – elected

SHARPLES, Ruth Mary – elected

WAITES, Chris – elected

WALKER, Mary – elected

WILSON, Marlene

Louth, St James

DRAKE, Jim – Independent – elected

FROST, Laura – Independent – elected

HOBSON, Darren Lee – Independent – elected

STEPHENSON, Laura Marie – Labour

Mablethorpe & Sutton, Mablethorpe Central Ward

COOPER, Louise – Independent – elected

CULLEN, Graham Edward – Labour Party – elected


TYLER, Dave – Independent – elected

Mablethorpe & Sutton, Mablethorpe North Ward

CLARK, Victor – elected

HOLLAND, Steve – Labour – elected

MELLOR, David Barry – Independent – elected


Mablethorpe & Sutton, Sutton on Sea North Ward

BRAMALL, Richard – Independent

CARRUTHERS, Steffi – Conservative


RASTALL, Judi – Independent

WATSON, Robert William

Mablethorpe & Sutton, Sutton on Sea South Ward

BENJAMIN, Adrian Victor – Conservative – elected

BRISTOW, Stef – Independent

MATTHEWS, Helen Angela – elected

NICHOLSON, Mark Andrew – Independent – elected

*Skidbrooke with Saltfleet Haven

BARKER, Graham Douglas – elected

BENTON, Matthew Kenneth – elected

BURTON, Graham Michael

CAMPION, John Hubert – elected

CUNLIFFE, Meryl – Independent

DICKINSON, Ian David – elected

DRURY, Neville John – Independent

DUMA, Corinne Jane

MACE Peter Colin George – elected

PAGE Karen Michelle Independent

WARSAP Sheila Anne – elected

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