Veterans from across Lincolnshire to attend procession in the park in Skegness for Queen’s Jubilee

Veterans from across Lincolnshire will take part in a procession in the park in Skegness for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Veterans from across Lincolnshire will attend a Procession in the Park in Skegness for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

The procession will be a joint event in Tower Gardens by the Lincolnshire Royal British Legion and Skegness Royal British Legion branches on Sunday, June 5,.

Four days of celebrations including public events and community activities begin on an extended Bank Holiday weekend on Friday, June 4.

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The procession will begin at 2pm in the presence of Lincolnshire's current Lord-Lieutenant Mr Toby Dennis.

"This is a massive honour for the resort as it is the first time the Lincolnshire branch has held an event here,” said Paul Dixon, chair of the Skegness RBL branch and County Community Branch Co-ordinator.

"It is such a special occasion and we hope people come along with their picnics and make a real celebration out of it.”

Visitors will be able to relax into the evening as later in the afternoon at 4pm, Skegness Silver Band will play in Tower Gardens, organised by Skegness Tower Council.

It will be a more relaxed ending to the day than on Saturday, June 4, when Lumley Road closes to celebrate Great British Bands.

The event, organised by Visit Lincs Coast (BID), is also taking place in Mablethorpe

Elsewhere, the Wainfleet Jubilee Classic Car Hotrod and Bike Display takes place on June 4 in the Market Square. On Thursday, June 2, Wainfleet lights their beacon at the Community Hall in St Michael’s Lane at 9pm.

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