VIDEO: Amazing footage from BBMF Lancaster of Jubilee flypast over Buckingham Palace

Amazing footage has been released of moment the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flew over Buckingham Palace on the first day of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Thousands of people lined The Mall to watch the spectacle, with the Queen joined by working members of the Royal Family on the balcony.

Her Majesty beamed with joy .as typhoons from RAF Coningsby flew over in the formation of a 70 as a special tribute to her.

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The formation in the shape of a 70 had been kept a guarded secret so it was a surprise for the Queen on the day – and for the crowds in Mall and the millions tuning in on televisions around the world.

A pilot shows it's all systems go for the historic flypast. © UK MOD Crown Copyright 2022

But it was Her Majesty’s great-grandson who stole the show by chattering to the Queen and holding his hands over his ears as the typhoons thundered overhead.

Crowds had gathered at RAF Coningsby around 11.30am yesterday (Thursday) to watch them take off..

Seventy aircraft led by Jim Calvert, Officer commanding 29 Squadron at RAF Coningsby, joined up off the east coast in Suffolk before heading to London.

Crews of the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), two Spitfires, two Hurricanes, and the sole airworthy Lancaster in Europe also played a starring role in the proceedings.

A Lancaster takes off from RAF Coningsby. © UK MOD Crown Copyright 2022

There was also a display by the Red Arrows.

According to RAF Coningsby Spotters Group they are expected back over East Kirkby at 1.34pm and 3.19pm.

Station Commander at Coningsby, Group Captain Matt Peterson said, “Our Sovereign has served our country and Commonwealth in a truly unique way over the last 70 years, seven decades of service is an astounding achievement. Alongside all of our service colleagues we are delighted to be paying tribute to Her Majesty today. ”

Squadron Leader Mark Sugden, Officer Commanding the BBMF said, “We are very proud to be participating as we celebrate the Queen’s reign. Every time you fly for BBMF it is a privilege, when you take part in important state occasions it is even more so, and the magnitude of today’s event, reflecting her Majesty’s astonishingly dedicated period of service, makes it a momentous, ‘

Typhoons taking off at RAF Coningsby. © UK MOD Crown Copyright 2022
Typhoons taking off at RAF Coningsby. © UK MOD Crown Copyright 2022
Seventy aircraft took place in the Platinum Jubilee flypast. © UK MOD Crown Copyright 2022
Typhoons flying over Buckingham Palace in the formation of 70.
The Lancaster on its way to London.
The Red Arrows fly over London during the Jubilee flypast.
Her Majesty beams with joy as she watches the flypast next to Prince Charles on the balcony.
Preparations for the flypast. UK MOD Crown Copyright 2022