Video-gaming grandma from Louth hits national headlines!

A gaming grandmother from Louth hit national headlines last week, after a national study was published which revealed how parents’ attitudes towards online gaming have seen a positive shift as a result of the lockdowns.

Bridget Odlin, 76, enjoying one of her many video games.

Bridget Odlin, 76, said: “Gaming has always been a passion of mine and something I have enjoyed with my kids, and now grandkids.

“My grandchildren don’t see me as old, and they won’t have me called granny or grandma, they call me G’ma.

“It’s so important to stay connected with your family and there’s definitely no age limit on having fun.

“I have a lot of grandkids and it allows me to bond and spend time with each of them – they often come round to play games with me, and I often win!

“I’ve even used gaming to connect with friends, and now my husband, I have got him hooked and we play lots of games together at home and on holiday.”

Bridget’s story - which has appeared in several national newspapers over the last few days - was run alongside the study which showed that 58% of parents in Britain - and 51% in the East Midlands - are now spending more time playing video games with their children than ever before, with one in five grandparents (22%) getting involved too.

A quarter (25%) of parents had never picked up a controller with their children before lockdown, and almost three quarters (70%) of parents plan to continue playing in order to facilitate quality family connections.

According to the study, commissioned by Cadbury Heroes, parents are starting to see other benefits from gaming including improved coordination, problem solving skills, concentration, and enhancing memory.