Village fundraiser for bench in tribute to NHS heroes

Holton le Clay Parish Council is calling on village residents to support their campaign to purchase a special bench - in tribute to our NHS heroes.

The Holton le Clay bench would look similar to this one, in Grantham, made by Lincolnshire company Roll and Scroll.

The proposal was discussed at the parish council’s most recent meeting, and councillors decided to see whether village residents would be willing to donate towards the £1,250 price tag.

The parish council’s clerk, Emma Harris, told the Leader: “We have managed to raise £270 so far but it would be nice to achieve more donations.

“The next time a full council meeting is held, it will be on the agenda to discuss the parish council contributing the difference.

“We have a lady in the village who is planting an oak tree on the 8 Acres playing field in Beech Grove, and we are planning to install the bench next to it.

“The lady has organised a plaque to be placed next to the tree, and I believe she has also invited the vicar to say a few words once the tree is planted.”

Ms Harris added: “One of our councillors, Mik Boon, had the idea of getting the children in the village involved, and has asked for the children to make time capsules to be buried when the tree is planted so that they can be opened up in 50 years for them look back and reflect on these troubled times.”

In an update on Tuesday afternoon, after the Leader went to press, Ms Harris explained that the location of the proposed bench has since been revised, and will instead be placed in a more central location in the village so that it can be ‘seen and used’ by more people after the coronavirus lockdown has finished.

• Visit to find out more and make a donation.