Virtual parking permits for East Lindsey residents

A virtual car parking permit scheme has been introduced by East Lindsey District Council to replace the current windscreen permits.

Previously, car parking permits have been issued to be displayed in the vehicle.

From April 1, anyone purchasing a parking permit in East Lindsey will have the ability to set up an online account that can be updated as necessary throughout the duration of the permit.

There are a variety of permits available for both residents and non-residents in more than 40 of East Lindsey District Council’s car parks including those in Skegness, Louth, Mablethorpe, Horncastle, Spilsby and Alford.

The permits offer a substantial saving for regular car park users, from as little as 38p per day for a 12 month permit.

ELDC’s Buildings and Property Service Manager, Duncan Hollingworth, said: “The introduction of the virtual permit eliminates the issue of permits being lost and brings a degree of flexibility to the user by enabling them to update their details easily online at their convenience.

“The application of the virtual permit should make it easier and much quicker for users”.

• To apply for a parking permit, or to find out more, click here