Volunteer to help Gainsborough people get where they need to go

Julie Brighton and Marion Thomas have been volunteering at Gainsborough Community Wheels since 2014 – but the organisation is in need of new blood.

Marion Thomas and Julie Brighton

Julie, office manager and secretary, said: “We are a transport service that takes individuals without transport to places like hospitals and doctors.

"We used to do shopping and things, but we haven’t got enough drivers to do that at the moment. The drivers give their time for free, but we have to make a mileage charge, to cover their petrol.

"We differ from a taxi in that our drivers are all door-to-door, they pick them up, take them to their appointments, stay with them and get them home again.

“When people need a journey, they ring us up, and we assess what their needs are – then we arrange the journey for them.

"We get the driver who is available, tell them how much it is going to be, and if they are happy, we book it and that’s the process really.”

The scheme is currently in need of more drivers as they have gone from 15 down to eight.

Marion, treasurer and volunteer driver, said: “If anybody is interested, they can do as little or as much as they want. There is never any pressure, you can say no to shifts. It is entirely up to volunteers how much they do.”

Both Julie and Marion say the social aspect of volunteering if the most rewarding.

Marion said: "If you’ve had a very stressful job, it’s nice to be able to give back.”

Julie said: “ I always look forward to coming in, it gives me a focus outside of the house.”

For more details visit www.gainsboroughwishes.co.uk/community-wheels.