Volunteers needed to join Horncastle Education Trust

The Horncastle Education Trust (HET) is looking for volunteers to join the governing bodies at each of its schools.
Helen Tassera.Helen Tassera.
Helen Tassera.

The trust currently presides over Banovallum School and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Horncastle, Frithville and New York Primary Schools and Huttoft Primary School.

Governors are volunteers who work closely with each school to ensure the trust upholds high educational standards and help safeguard students.

The role involves school visits and attending governing body meetings, training sessions and the trust’s annual conference.

On joining a board of governors, applicants will be supported by the HET ’s team to help develop knowledge of school governance.

Sandra James, chief executive of HET, said: “Our local governors are invaluable; they play a critical role to support and challenge us, helping to drive improvement. It will be great to see more people from our local communities involved."

Helen Tassera, parent governor at Banovallum School in Horncastle, said: “I’d say to definitely give the role a go; you meet lots of nice, friendly people, get involved in decision making and find out about education strategies for the future.

"Being a governor is a chance to give something back to the community and get involved with the school.”

To find out more, email [email protected]