Vote on future of Louth town centre

​Your say is needed on the future of Louth town centre including potential changes to parking, the future of cafe culture, and more.
The controversial parklets from the Active Travel Scheme.The controversial parklets from the Active Travel Scheme.
The controversial parklets from the Active Travel Scheme.

​The Active Travel Scheme experimental trial in Louth ran for 18 months to explore different ways to encourage people to take more time when visiting the centre of the town, which saw the introduction of the controversial parklets.

These seating units, which were vandalised several times during the eight weeks they were in situ from August to October 2022, were located in parking paces in the Cornmarket and Mercer Row, were introduced by the county council in a bid to encourage the town’s café culture and manage traffic flow.

The Active Travel Scheme concluded in September 2023, and now, the Louth Transport Board has launched a consultation period looking at what can be done next to boost the centre of town and encourage visitors to make the most of the businesses and services there.

The Board, made up of councillors and officer representatives from Lincolnshire County Council, East Lindsey District Council and Louth Town Council is urging local people to take part in the survey, available at

One such question in the survey is what to do with the Cornmarket, with the three options to leave it as it is with space for market stalls on market days and parking at other times, a seasonal scheme where the Cornmarket could be used for events which would mean removing any parking or vehicular access during this time, or a full time closure to create permanent community area, which would see the removal of all parking in the Cornmarket.

In terms of the Market Place, the three options are to leave as existing, amend parking area dependent on whether parking will be displaced from other locations i.e. the Cornmarket, or use the space differently on days that it is not used for the market, for example for pavement cafés and/or space for events – which again would see the loss of parking in the Market Place.

Other questions in the survey include your suggestions on changes to parking when the market is not in operation, whether you feel the parking bays at various locations in town should be changed to 30 minutes waiting only, and whether the two large loading bays on Eastgate should be changed.

You can put a pin on the map to let the Board know your thoughts on Louth town centre options, and where you’d like to see cycle racks, and the Board will use the results as part of the decision-making process about the future of Louth town.

The engagement period closes on March 1, and the results will be discussed at the Louth Transport Board meeting on April 9, 2024.