'We want women to feel empowered'

Models of all shapes and sizes are being encouraged to come embrace their individual body shapes as part of an empowering photography project.

Hannah Lucy Brennan.
Hannah Lucy Brennan.

Hannah Lucy Brennan, from Sleaford who runs Cassoni Photography, has teamed up with photography student Ella Bryan to host a women's photo shoot, with the aim of helping each woman to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Ella and Hannah are family friends, and as part of her studies, Ella has to run a project that means something important to her, and as she suffers from anxiety, decided to host a photography shoot for women with Hannah's help to get her message out there.

The session will take place on Tuesday (June 8) at the Legionnaire's Club in Sleaford from 12pm to 4pm, and will see bold women wearing their underwear and posing in ways that make them feel empowered.

Ella Bryan.

Hannah, who is also the current Ms Lincolnshire said: "We want women of all shapes and sizes to feel powerful and beautiful, and to think "wow I look good in that photo".

"It's not about comparing yourself to the girl next to you who might be thinner than you, it's about feeling good in your own skin."

Hannah hosted a similar event last year, which saw up to 30 volunteers turn up to be photographed and highlight their struggles with mental health disorders, or as victims of abuse.

To get involved with Ella and Hannah's empowering photoshoot, you can come along to the Legionnaire's Club or send Hannah a message via her Facebook page.