West Lindsey Leader: it is important more than ever that we continue to work together.

The chairman of West Lindsey District Council has responded to the tier 3 announcement for Lincolnshire.

Councillor Owen Bierley

He said: “Whilst Lincolnshire has been put into the very high alert (tier3) by the Government, it is important more than ever that we continue to work together.

“A lot of great work is taking place across out district, in our communities and in our businesses to keep people safe and I cannot thank people enough for the work they are doing.

“We know for many this news will feel like a setback as you have all been asked to do so much already but we need to keep going.

“Now is not the time to stop or become complacent. Being placed in the highest alert tier demonstrates more than ever that the virus is present in our communities.

“To protect our loved ones we need you all to continue to take personal responsibility for your actions and look out for others.

“I know many of you will be concerned about your businesses and livelihoods and I wanted to say that West Lindsey along with all our partners across the Lincolnshire Councils are working together to seek more grant funding.

“Whilst we are conscious that government has already issued significant funds to support business and communities we are conscious that the discretionary elements may be insufficient to support everyone that needs it in an extended lockdown period.

“We will therefore approach government to see if more funding can be made available. Once we know what this means for our local area we will let you know.

“I must stress that for us to come out of this tier as swiftly as possible we must all continue to work together to help suppress the virus.

“Please follow government guidelines of washing hands, wearing a face covering and maintaining social distance.

“We can get through this by continuing to work together.”