What a load of bull! Escaped beast takes refuge in photographer's back garden

Forget Covid-19...  police in Horncastle were scrambled this afternoon (Friday) to deal with a case of COWVID-19!

The escaped bull in John Aron's back garden. (Credit: John Aron)

A large cow ended up in the garden of freelance photographer John Aron's garden in Bowl Alley Lane.

The creature had escaped from a farm at High Toynton, and at one point was seen strolling along the A158 towards Baumber.

However, it appears the cow did a U-turn and entered John's garden via Hemingby Lane, Louth Road, and Stanhope Road.

The escaped bull in John Aron's back garden. (Credit: Tommy Chalk)

John said: "I looked out of the window and saw a police car at the bottom of the drive,.

"I walked out and asked the coppers what was going on..

"I thought they replied - ''Have you got a car?' so I turned round and pointed at my car.

"However, one of the coppers then said - 'No, have you got a cow?'

The escaped bull in John Aron's back garden. (Credit: John Aron)

"He then said they thought there was a cow in my back garden."

Aided by a neighbour and two burly police officers, John looked in his back garden and they all realised it was occupied by a cow.

They managed to pen the animal in with wheelie bins until the farmer arrived to pick up this prize beast.

John said: "The coppers were having a good laugh. They joked it was their first Cowvid-19 incident.

Police attended the scene on Friday afternoon. (Credit: Tommy Chalk).

"They also told me they'd had a few quiet words with the cow because they weren't sure what she'd done was an essential journey!"