What is the future for Rasen market place?

It is a convenient parking spot and of course is used for market stalls, but how could the town’s market place become the real centre of the Rasen community?
Market Rasen Market PlaceMarket Rasen Market Place
Market Rasen Market Place

That is the question being asked by the town’s community partnership group - and they want all ages to have their say.

Across the country, and across the years, market places have been at the heart of town and village communities.

In years gone by, they have been the scene of hirings, auctions and, of course, markets, as well as, in some cases, public floggings.

The current pandemic has made people refocus many things and the town’s community partnership group is now looking ahead to the changing needs of businesses and of the town’s residents.

That is why they are looking to open a ‘conversation’ to find out what people think.

Group chairman, Stephen Bunney said: “We know the market place is used for stalls and for parking, but it could do so much more.

“We don’t want people to look back to how things have been in the past, we want them to look forward to the new situation that faces us over the coming years.”

Mr Bunney continued: “The economic sense is easy, but its the social value we are trying to look at.

“What social value can the market place provide the town?

“It is the sitting, the meeting, the public events, the public eating - that is the sort of thing we want to concentrate on.”

Groups and organisations within the town will be contacted directly to have their input.

Year 6 children at the town’s primary school will be another focus group, as they will be the future users long term trends in evening and night-time economy concentrate on - but individuals can have their say too.

Mr Bunney added: “We hope our town residents will give some positive feedback to this one very simple question: How would you like to see the market place being used for the town in the next two to three years, and in the year 2035?”

“It will be interesting to hear what people say.”

Ideas can be submitted by email to communit[email protected] or [email protected]

Alternatively, put them in writing and post or deliver to the town council office in the Festival Hall.

Feedback from the question is planned to be delivered at the Annual Town Meeting, which will this year be held virtually and is scheduled to take place in May.

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