Wolds village church bells will ring for first time in three decades

Church bells will ring out in a Wolds village for the first time in almost three decades, to mark the King’s coronation.
Binbrook ChurchBinbrook Church
Binbrook Church

The bells at St Mary and St Gabriel Church in Binbrook have been repaired they will be rung to celebrate this joyous event tomorrow, Sunday May 7 at 4pm.

An integral part of the village for more than 150 years, the bells, due to wear and tear, the bells had fallen into disrepair and had not been rung for nearly 30 years.

Thanks to the generosity of the ‘Time Lords’, a group of local villagers who look after the church clock and tower, and the tireless efforts of the group, the bells have been restored to their former glory. The restoration

included homemade wood steamers, wood and metal work, and the refurbishment of the bells themselves.

Time Lord, Phil Wallis said, “The church should be the heart of the community and we hope more people will get involved in enjoying it and improving its facilities.

"We thought that the Coronation was a perfect time to undertake the bell refurbishment project .

"We are grateful for the help and expertise that has been given and allowed us to make the necessary repairs.

"It took a lot of work but we are delighted the bells will all be ringing again.”

The ringing of the bells will mark a historic moment for Binbrook village and its residents, taking place on the day of the village coronation street party, which all residents of Binbrook are invited to join.

The bells of the church will once again be a proud symbol of the village's heritage, and they look forward to hearing them for years to come.

Patrick McEuene, the vicar of Binbrook, said: "The restoration of the bells is a significant achievement for our community. We are proud to have them back in working order and look forward to hearing them ring out for the

first time in 30 years."

The church trustees brought in The Rt Revd Professor Barry Peachey, to ensure the repairs were approved and bell ringers from the region have been practicing in preparation for the coronation celebrations.

Their hard work and dedication will ensure that the bells ring loud and clear, filling the village with joy and excitement.

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