Yes, you can have too many trees within a town ...according to Rasen councillors

The naming of roads for two new developments in Market Rasen came under the spotlight of the town council at the last meeting.

Too many streets have tree names

Both sites are being developed by Skylark Homes – one to the west of Linwood Road and the other off Willingham Road to the east of the town.

The Linwood Road area is documented as having Roman history, most notably the remains of a Roman pottery was discovered there.

It is not surprising then the suggestions put forward by the developers reflected this theme – Roman Fields, Amphora Way, Forge Park and Pottery Lane/Way.

The site will have just one road and councillors favoured the name of Roman Fields.

However, suggestions for the Willingham Road site did not meet with such a favourable response.

Sometime ago, the council requested any developments in the town stick with a common theme, with all roads associated relating to it.

The Willingham Road development is known as Woodland Walk, so the road names put forward all relate to trees.

Coun Margaret Lakin-Whitworth expressed concerns the road names were too similar to others within the town.

Coun Neil Taylor went further and said the suggestions were “not very inspiring”.

He continued: “We have a lot of tree names in town name – and it is a lot.

“Perhaps they need to be a little bit tighter.

“What about focusing on the wildlife – Fox Way, Squirrel Close etc.”

It was agreed to go back to the developers to say as a council they would prefer the roads to be named after native woodland animals and also, perhaps, consider changing the name of the development to Forest Walk, as there is already a Woodland Walk off the Ridings.